Cao Yan Bing
Cao Yan Bing
Biographical Information
Chinese Name 曹焱兵
Rōmaji Name
Characteristics Information
Epithet Flame General
Age 20
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Family Cao Xiao Liang (Brother)
Occupation Requiem General[1]
Affiliation Requiem Street
Guardian Spirit(s) Xu Chu

Dian Wei
Xiahou Yuan
Xiahou Dun
Xu Huang

Spirit Level Tapana[2]
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 1
Image Gallery

"Flame General" Cao Yan Bing (曹焱兵, Cao Yan Bing, lit. Cao Flame Soldier)[1] is the former Requiem General of the Rakshasa Street. He has the body of a flame god.[3]



Upon meeting him in the human world, Cao appears to be an egoistic delivery guy who is a miser for small change, demanding payment after rescuing Xia Ling from a fatal road accident.

However underneath this cold and selfish persona, he suffered a childhood of homelessness and trauma, after awaking his Guardian Spirit at a young age after his beloved parents went missing. He is an extremely loyal person, vowing to protect the Rakshasa Street for as long as he lives in place of his parents, especially his father who taught him kindness and responsibility. As a child, he also protected his younger brother Cao Xiao Lang in the face of danger, risking his own life to preserve his. 

He also appears to be more patient than he first seems, taking time to explain the details of human-spirit interactions to Xia Ling.

Abilities and PowersEdit


An Wang Cannon:[4]

Fire Dragon Pillars:[4]

Great Sky Rendering Fire Hammer:[1]

Demon King Cannon:[5]

Yama Cannon:[6]

Dragon Flame Pillar:[7]


Main article: Yamas of Ten Hells

Yamas of Ten Hells is a weapon that has been passed down through out Cao's family, it allows him to control his multiple Guardian Spirits.

Guardian SpiritEdit

See More:

Xu Chu | Dian Wei
Xiahou Yuan | Xiahou Dun | Xu Huang | Yu Jin

Cao Yan Bing has the body of a Martial God, which allows him to hold multiple Guardian Spirits, he has seven of them.[3]


I'm not a nice guy. I'm the Devil!
— Cao Yan Bing to Xia Ling
If the heavens are blind, and the villains get in their way... Then I shall be the one to uphold justice!
— Cao Yan Bing


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