Cao Yan Bing
Cao Yan Bing
Biographical Information
Chinese Name 曹焱兵
Rōmaji Name
Characteristics Information
Epithet Flame General
Age 20
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Family Cao Xiao Liang (Brother)
Occupation Requiem General[1]
Affiliation Requiem Street
Guardian Spirit(s) Xu Chu

Dian Wei
Xiahou Yuan
Xiahou Dun
Xu Huang

Spirit Level Tapana[2]
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 1
Image Gallery


As a child his parents left him without a word, having to carry the burden of his family and having to protect his brother. One day, he saved a female spirit, as a token of thanks, she decided to look after the brothers. Gradually he began to think of her as a sister, but unfortunately the good times didn't last long. On a certain day, evil spirits invaded their home, with his Guardian Spirit dying in battle, unable to get up. The monsters found it amusing to violate the girl in front of him, while treating her as food, witnessing his own sister being swallowed, right before his eyes. From that night on he swore an oath to find the beasts and rip them into pieces.

Prologue ArcEdit

After witnessing his brother's sparing match against Xu Chu, he calls for them them to end it. Cao Yan Bing explains to Cao Xiao Liang that he is full of openings when in battle, as well as not having enough spiritual power to defend himself or Rakshasa Street, and orders him to keep training.[3]

Rakshasa Street ArcEdit

Cao Yan Bing is introduced walking down a street until knocked over by a girl. Watching the girl run away, he shouts for her not to run away. Getting up, he promises that he won't forgive her. Later on, arriving at Architectural Design Company, after delivering a take away and collecting his change. He notices the girl from earlier on. As she waves towards him and greets him. Annoyed, he his throws helmet at her and claims how dare she greet him. Asking for money towards his pain, she uses her martial arts to put him through a glass window.[1]

Later on, receiving treatment for his wounds. His brother Cao Xiao Liang mentions receiving a spirit voice mail from Demon Sign San Tong. Asking if they should respond, Yan Bing says not to worry about it as there's plenty of Rare-Soul Users out there. Suddenly becoming silent, they listen out for something. When he asks Xaio if he heard it, he agrees. Smirking, he says a bunch of idiots came to play. Shortly afterwards, standing atop of a building he views the number of departed spirits until making his way to the ground. After introducing himself, he attacks the enemy until he recognizes a female voice and turns around. Questioning why she keeps causing problems, she asks isn't it too much for a movie set. Telling her he has no idea what's going on in her brain. He squeezes her checks together, claiming she's so noisy and asks her to quiet, after the arrival of a departed spirit.[1]

Spirit Army ArcEdit


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