Chapter 13
Chapter 13
Chapter Title Body of Martial God
Chinese 武神躯
Cover Golden Spirit Child

Cao Yan Bing
Cao Xiao Liang
Xia Ling

Volume 2
Pages 17
Date Released 2010-12-08
Arc Rakshasa Street Arc
Chapter 12
Chapter 14

Body of Martial God is the thirteenth chapter of Rakshasa Street manhua series.



Chapter NotesEdit

  • Golden Spirit Child reveals the Spirit Pagoda can be restored.
  • Demon Sign San Tong explains the other trees may uncover the secret art to regrow the tree.
  • To obtain the pieces from the other trees. Cao Yan Bing must take a tour around Requiem Street.
  • Cao Yan Bing declares he will go after the Dragon Peach Fruit first.
  • Hale Camp mentions despite his failure, stronger guys will hunt them down and everything they've spoken about is being transmitted to the Kingdom Organization through the Spirit Box of Speech.
  • Hale Camp reveals he isn't one of the Ten Knights, and the genuine Ten Knights are "monsters" with the Spirit Rank of Tapana and above.
  • Cao Yan Bing reveals he isn't to be limited to a single Guardian Spirit. As he possesses the legendary body of a Martial God.
  • There is no way of measuring the spiritual power of those who possess the body of a Martial God.
  • Cao Yan Bing reveals had been concealing Dian Wei for over 15 years because he didn't wish to attract any extra attention, and he has seven Guardian Spirits in total.

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