Chapter 14
Chapter 14
Chapter Title I Rule Above All
Chinese 唯我独尊
Cover Xia Ling

Cao Xiao Liang
Cao Yan Bing
Hale Camp
Demon Sign San Tong

Volume 2
Pages 18
Date Released 2010-12-22
Arc Rakshasa Street Arc
Chapter 13
Chapter 15

I Rule Above All is the fourteenth chapter of Rakshasa Street manhua series.



Chapter NotesEdit

  • Hale Camp is put in handcuffs made from the Stone of Spirit Suppressing, which is able to seal a Guardian Spirit in a person's body.
  • Demon Sign San Tong reveals he is taking Hale Camp to the Department of Justice to be dealt with.
  • Demon Sign San Tong gives the King Yama's Seal of Vanquishing to Xia Ling and entrusts the Phantom Fruit Beast to her and Cao Yan Bing.
  • Cao Yan Bing reveals out of his seven Spirit Guardians, five aren't willing to comply with him. As they have told him to "reach a higher level of awareness first".
  • Cao Yan Bing explains the different types of Spirits.
  • Hale Camp is given keys to his handcuffs from Demon Sign San Tong, who tells him he'll allow him to go fair and square.
  • Demon Sign San Tong is revealed to be Huangfu Long Dou the strongest Requiem General of the last generation and also the most wanted criminal of the current times.

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