Divine Pearl of Xihe
Divine Pearl of Xihe
Biographical Information
Chinese Name
Pinyin Name
Affiliation Spirit Pagoda
Spirit World
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 12

The Divine Pearl of Xihe is one of four great pearls of the Spirit World.


When Requiem Street and the Spirit World used to be one, united as as the Spirit World. With the help of the power the Divine Pearl of Xihe, the Spirit World was divided into two grounds, Requiem Street and The Spirit Worlds. Breaking the laws of the Spirit World, the Spirit Defenders invited humans into Requiem Street. The Humans were then given the responsibility of supervising the Spirit World. Because the Divine Pearl of Xihe was unable to withstand the sordid chi of the Spirit World, the Spirit Defenders decided to insert it into the branches of the scared trees so that spiritual energy can pour into the Divine Pearl. The Divine Pearl of Xihe continuously absorbing spiritual energy from the heaves and earth for centuries since then, and finally, it attained the ability to metamorphose, giving it a human form called the Golden Spirit Child. From then the Golden Spirit Child has to move to the tip of the tree from the branches for aeration for a period of three days every century. Due to the factor of time, in the long run, the secret became forgotten by Requiem Generals.[1]


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