Fair Gale Street
Fair Gale Street
Biographical Information
Chinese Name 凌风街
Pinyin Name
Affiliation Requiem Street
District Southern District
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 10

Fair Gale Street[1] is a street within Requiem Street.




Five years ago, Yan Feng Zha destroyed half of Fair Gale Street and was imprisoned.[1]

Rakshasa Street ArcEdit

When one of Fair Gale Street's guards visited Yan Feng Zha in his cell, he would become distracted by the huge pillar of light outside of the window. Yan Feng Zha would then take advantage of the situation by taking out the guard and free himself, using his keys. After escaping from his cell, he broke the prison wall, revealing himself to the residents of Fair Gale Street. Shocked by his escape they would attempt to stop his escape by attempting to attack. Evading the attack, Yan Feng Zha released Fei Lian who launched an attack upon the street before leaving shortly afterwards.[1]

Known ResidentsEdit


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