Biographical Information
Chinese Name 盖文
Rōmaji Name
Characteristics Information
Epithet Dragon Emperor (龙王)
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Occupation Knight[1]

Requiem General[1]

Affiliation Kingdom Organization
Guardian Spirit(s)
Spirit Level Pratapana[1]
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 16
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"Dragon Emperor" Gavin (盖文)[1] is Knight No. 04 within Kingdom Organization.



Abilities and PowersEdit

Guardian SpiritEdit

Bearing the title "Dragon Emperor", Gavin posses a large armoured dragon as his Guardian Spirit.


Rakshasa Street ArcEdit

Gavin is introduced telling Norah isn't that strange for his words to flow out of his mouth. When greeted by Jack, he informs everyone of Hale Camp's inconvenience, which surprises Gavin. Explaining that their main obstacle, is those who have a body of a Martial God. Gavin mentions those who posses body of a Martial God are born every few centuries. Jack says its true, however, there is three in the current era. Suggesting to use Cao Yan Bing's powers to turn him against the Requiem Generals, Gavin says that isn't how he works.[1]

Outside Gavin tells Kelly he has other matters and can't stay long. After Kelly agrees with him. Gavin says he's also upset over his brother's death. Mentioning it's speculated that Cao Yan Bing is the closest to his grounds, he questions if he has the confidence to win. Kelly claims to be unsure and is told they can't be too careless before they face him. Gavin claims to envious of Tina, and wishes for Cao Yan Bing to survive, asking him if he is the same. Gavin then departs Tartarus.[2]



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