Jade Bodhi
Jade Bodhi
Biographical Information
Chinese Name 玉菩提
Pinyin Name
Affiliation Mirror Village
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 18

Jade Bodhi[1] is a tree located in Mirror Village, rumours say that its leaves are like white jade.[2]


Just like the Divine Pearl of Xihe, it has the power to divide spaces and set boundaries, within a smaller scope.[1]

The Jade Bodhi conceals Mirror Village so it's citizens are no longer attacked by evil spirits. Some people believe it's as if the budda himself is protecting them. Those that call upon the Jade Bodhi will pray in sincerity, for peace and safety.[2]

Besides being able to divide spaces, the Jade Bodhi also has a unique memory eradication. If a departed spirit has irresolvable grudge or resentment, the Jade Bodhi will seal the memories of the departed spirit's previous life, preventing the grudge from escalating into something more severe.[2]


Legends say that long ago, there was a deity who journeyed to Mirror Village, settling with the villagers. The good-willed spirits were protected by him. After he died he was reincarnated as a Bodhi Tree, protecting people for generations after generations.[1]


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