Kingdom Organization
Kingdom Organization
Chinese Name 王国组织
Rōmaji Name
Status Active
Leader(s) King and Queen
Affiliation Spirit World
Manhua Debut Chapter 16

Kingdom Organization[1]


The Kingdom Organization targets Rare-Soul Users, killing them and taking their Guardian Spirits and use them as feed for their forces.[1]

The Kingdom Organization plans to acquire the Divine Pearl of Xihe, so they may form a legion of the strongest spirits.[2]

Their plan to invade and rule the Human and Spirit Worlds, appears to be their ultimate goal.[2]


Rakshasa Street ArcEdit


Kingdom Organization
Ten Knights
Tina Portrait Gavin Portrait Zilla Portrait Norah Portrait Kelly Portrait
Tina (No. 3) Gavin (No. 4) Zilla (No. 5) Norah (No. 8) Kelly (No. 9)
Other Members
NoPicAvailable NoPicAvailable Jack Portrait Kingdom Female Portrait
King Queen Jack ???
Former Members
Hale Camp Portrait
Hale Camp (Deceased)




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