Biographical Information
Chinese Name 诺拉
Rōmaji Name
Characteristics Information
Epithet Earl (伯爵)
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Occupation Knight[1]

Requiem General[1]

Affiliation Kingdom Organization
Guardian Spirit(s)
Spirit Level Pratapana[1]
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 16
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"Earl" Norah[1] is Knight No. 08 within Kingdom Organization.



Abilities and PowersEdit


Rakshasa Street ArcEdit

Norah is introduced walking through Tartarus until reaching a church. Inside he asks Gavin and Kelly are they going to greet him or have they become daft being Requiem Generals. Greeted by Jack, he bows before him asking why he wishes to meet the three of them. Jack mentions attracting unwanted attention. Norah asks about wiping out Cao Yan Bing. Told by Jack take it easy, he informs him of their main obstacle is those who have a body of a Martial God. When Gavin mentions the birthrate of people with body of a Martial God, their informed of three in the current era, which shocks Norah.
Kelly's Transformation

Kelly's Warning To Norah.

When he asks if they should continue their roles as Requiem Generals, Jack says it can be perceived so. Disappointed by his answer he mentions wanting to get his hands on Cao Yan Bing, and that Kelly wishes for it more than him. When Jack mentions the superiors have dispatched someone to kill him. Being asked who, he says its the only member out of the Ten Knights, who isn't a Requiem General. Annoyed, Norah asks why him.[1]

Outside the church Norah calls Kelly naive, after his conversion with Gavin. Kelly says he wishes to kill Cao Yan Bing with his own hands. Walking past Kelly, he turns around to punch him. With his punched is blocked he tells Kelly, he's in a bad mood currently. Claiming those are his lines, Kelly transforms and mentions he'll try to let it pass since their on the same side but he better not aggravate him further.[2]


I would really like to get my hands on Cao Yan Bing's severed head.
— Norah about Cao Yan Bing.

Major FightsEdit


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