Requiem General (镇魂将, Zhen Hun Jiang lit. Supress Spirit General)


Requiem Generals are sent to Requiem Streets to protect the streets from evil spirits, and once a human and a spirit enter a contract, the fusion of yin and yang makes the human even stronger and more powerful.[1]


Requiem Generals must erase a normal person's memory if they are to enter Requiem Street, to prevent future problems.[1] Requiem Generals can not interfere with other streets.[2] All Requiem Generals wear a General Chain, as proof of their identity, it can only be removed by their own spiritual power.[3]

Known Requiem GeneralsEdit

Requiem Generals
Norah Portrait Gavin Portrait Kelly Portrait Liu Yu Shan Portrait
Norah Gavin Kelly Liu Yu Shan
NoPicAvailable Cao Xiao Liang Portrait Zilla Portrait
Sun Zhan Tian Cao Xiao Liang Zilla
Former Members
Zuo Choung Portrait Huangfu Long Dou Portrait Cao Yan Bing Portrait Bei Luo Shi Men Portrait
Zuo Chong (deceased) Huangfu Long Dou Cao Yan Bing Bei Luo Shi Men
Nan Fu Yu Portrait
Nan Fu Yu (deceased)


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