Requiem Street
Requiem Street
Biographical Information
Chinese Name 镇魂街
Pinyin Name Zhèn Hún Jiē
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 2

Requiem Street (镇魂街 Zhèn Hún Jiē, lit. Suppress Spirit Street) is a world between the Human World and the Spirit World.[1]


Three Worlds

Requiem Street is a place where all dead spirits are attracted to. Each street has a Requiem General to maintain order.[2]

It is a world were the Spirits haven't fully crossed over and the place were the evil spirits tend to stay.[1] Requiem Street is divided into separate parts and the entrances are scattered in the Human World.[1] As the Spirit World can no longer handle to increase in spirits due to wars, Humans were used to look after Requiem Street.[1]

All Requiem General's are given a General Chain, which is proof of their identity. It can only be removed using there own spiritual power.[3]


Orginally Requiem Street and the Spirit World used to be one, united as as the Spirit World. Due to the never ending chaos, the number of evil Spirits increased rapidly over time. To average departed spirits with the strength of a newborn kitten, it was a disaster. More and more innocent spirits became the subject of toture for the evil spirits. With the help of the power the Divine Pearl of Xihe, the Spirit World was divided into two grounds, Requiem Street and The Spirit Worlds. Breaking the laws of the Spirit World, the Spirit defenders invited humans into Requiem Street. The Humans were then given the responsiblity of supervising the Spirit World.[4]


  • If a normal person is to enter Requiem Street, a Requiem General must erase their memories to prevent future problems.[1]
  • Requiem Street forbids Requiem Generals from interfering with other streets.[1]
  • Killing a Requiem General in Requiem Street is an act of felony.[5]
  • Requiem Generals are prohibited to kill humans.[6]

Known StreetsEdit


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