Spirit Army
Spirit Army
Chinese Name 羽林街
Rōmaji Name
Status Disbanded
Leader(s) Bei Luo Shi Men

Nan Fu Yu

Affiliation Yulin Street
Manhua Debut Chapter 20

Spirit Army were a group led by Requiem General Nan Fu Yu, who were sent to retrieve the Supreme Fruit from the Jade Bodhi.


Ordered by the "Superiors" to retrieve the Supreme Fruit located in the Jade Bodhi. After encountering Cao Yan Bing, Nan Fu Yu asks him to surrender. As the "Superiors" had issued an immediate order to arrest him on site, for the destruction of the Spirit Pagoda and secretly escaping with the Divine Pearl of Xihe. Interrupted by Bei Luo Shi Men he challenges Cao Yan Bing to a showdown, offering him the chance to leave Bodhi Street if he wins, but threatening to hand him over to the Spirit Army if he loses.

During the fight between Cao Yan Bing and Bei Luo Shi Men, the Spirit Army enters Mirror Village where they begin to burn it down. When confronted by Bei Luo Shi Men, Nan Fu Hu forces him to surrender by threatening to kill Bai Shui Er. Being put in a Stone of Spirit Suppressing Seal, he is almost beaten him to death. When Tai Wei stops the beating, he tells his allies if they kill him now, the whole of Requiem Street will know their doing. Requesting for him to taken to Yulin Street, Tai Wei reveals his own means of killing him.


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