Spirit Pagoda
Spirit Pagoda
Biographical Information
Chinese Name 槐灵树
Pinyin Name
Affiliation Rakshasa Street
District Northen District
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 1

Spirit Pagoda (槐灵树) also known as Holy Tree, is one of four sacred trees in Requiem Street.


The Tree is one of the rarest trees in Requiem Street. It absorbs spiritual energy from around it as nutrition for it's growth. Weather it be humans or evil Spirits, anyone who consumes it will have their spiritual powers heighted by folds. This is why many evil spirits wish to lay theirs hands on the tree.

The Tree acts as the divider between the boundaries of the Spirit Worlds and Requiem Street, it was bestowed the duty to maintain peace in the Spirit Worlds. If it's put in harm's way evil spirits will be able to bypass Requiem Street and enter Spirit Worlds directly.[1]

Since ancient times, the four sacred tree's have stood at the four cardinal directions of Requiem Street. The Spirit Tree's are capable of absorbing spiritual energy which then turned into nutrition for their growth. Although the tree's are miles apart, their branches are actually interconnected. It is said that the four sacred tree's are what hold the structure of the world of departed spirits.[2]


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