Tian Shi
Tian Shi
Biographical Information
Chinese Name 天市
Rōmaji Name
Characteristics Information
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color
Occupation Spirit General[1]
Affiliation Spirit Army

Yulin Street

Guardian Spirit(s)
Spirit Level
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 20
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Tian Shi is the Spirit General of Yulin Street.[1]



Abilities and PowersEdit


Transformation: Tian Shi was able to transform himself into a demon like creature.[2]


He wielded a large spiked ball connected to a chain.


Spirit Army ArcEdit

Requiem General of Bodhi StreetEdit

When the Spirit Army comes across "two imps" blocking their path. Zi Wei asks him to finish them off. Mentioning imps don't have that kind of spiritual energy, he advises she would do well not to underestimate them. Shortly afterwards when Nan Fu Yu tells Cao Yan Bing he'll have to annul their plans, Tian Shi says things are getting interesting.[1]

When the Spirit Army invades Mirror Village, Tian Shi uses his weapon to destroy house until ordering soldiers to attack and annihilate everyone. Questioning Tai Wei if he continues to watch. When Tai Wei claims to have no interest in killing the weak. Tian Shi remarks about him being noble when he's a devil. When stood infront of the Jade Bodhi, Nan Fu Yu tells him it's turn. Tian Shi launches his weapon at it causing it to fall and questions the words period of peace. [3]



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