Xia Ling
Xia Ling
Biographical Information
Chinese Name 夏铃
Rōmaji Name
Characteristics Information
Age 18
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Brown (Anime)
Eye Color Purple
Family Muwen Yuan Xiang (Ancestor)
Occupation Intern[1]
Affiliation Architectural Design Company[1]
Guardian Spirit(s) Li Xuan Yuan

Golden Spirit Child
Phantom Fruit Beast

Spirit Level Kalasutra
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 1
Image Gallery

Xia Ling (夏铃, Xia Ling, lit. Summer Bell)[1]


Has shoulder length brown hair and a slim build, often wears casual tops and shorts.


She is very kind and sweet in nature. Always cries when scared, and acts stupid.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Guardian SpiritEdit

Main article: Li Xuan Yuan



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