Xia Ling
Xia Ling
Biographical Information
Chinese Name 夏铃
Rōmaji Name
Characteristics Information
Age 18
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Brown (Anime)
Eye Color Purple
Family Muwen Yuan Xiang (Ancestor)
Occupation Intern[1]
Affiliation Architectural Design Company[1]
Guardian Spirit(s) Li Xuan Yuan

Golden Spirit Child
Phantom Fruit Beast

Spirit Level Kalasutra
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 1
Image Gallery

Rakshasa Street ArcEdit

Xia Ling is introduced with her head on her pillow, until getting out of bed and stretching. Claiming to want more sleep, she notices the time and panics. While running down the street, she checks her watch until bumping into a guy and knocking him over. Getting up, she apologizes and runs away. After arriving at her work, she becomes distracted by a new email. Opening the email a man appears on the screen asking for help. When a takeaway arrives, after recognizing a voice. She turns around and waves to the guy from earlier. When he throws his helmet at her and asks for his money. She uses her martial arts and puts him through a window.[1]

Later on, walking down a street wondering about having too deliver documents. Hearing a noise, she asks who's there. Being approached by a number of people she runs away until falling over. When a man coming out of the ground grabs her, she wonders if anyone will save her. Until suddenly she is saved by an arrow. When a man appears in front of her and begins to fight, she looks on with shock. A boy mentions she seems like a normal person and explains she's in, Requiem Street, and his brother is the Requiem General of Rakshasa Street. When the man turns around, she recognises him and claims it's him, the guy she had encountered earlier. Asked why she keeps causing problems, she asks what's going on. He then squeezes her checks claiming she's so noisy, asking her to shut up.[1]

Spirit Army ArcEdit


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