Zheng Fu Sheng
Zheng Fu Sheng
Biographical Information
Chinese Name 鄭富聲
Rōmaji Name
Characteristics Information
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Occupation Captain[1]
Affiliation Special Unit Thunder Falcon
Guardian Spirit(s)
Spirit Level
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 30
Image Gallery

Zheng Fu Sheng[2] was the Captain of the Special Unit Thunder Falcon.




Zheng Fu Sheng is introduced praising Bai Shi Men's performance. After Bai Shi Men thanks him he tells him he'd like to go home. Zheng Fu tells him the team is fortunate to have him, as it feels as though bullets were giving way to him.[1]

When Bai Shi Men approaches him asking what the matter is, he tells him he'll get straight to the point. Regarding the previous Killer Hornets Operation, the ones they took down were merely rumps. They've managed to track down the real location of the Killer Hornets Operation, and they move out tomorrow. Saying he understands he's in a difficult position and orders him to go home and ready himself for tomorrow. Bai Shi Men asks Zheng Fu to give him half a day to spend with his daughter. To which he agrees, and mentions six in the evening is the latest he can give him. Telling him soldiers like themselves at times don't get to control their own fate, that includes his life, and tells him to remember that.[2]

After watching Bai Shi Men get knocked out from behind. A solider asks him why don't they finish him off, to which he claims he won't feel satisfied. Telling his comrade every time he secretly created an escape route for everyone, Bai Shi Men foils it by not listening to his commands and yet he never dies. He then orders for him to be locked up and starved for 7 whole days and the boss will personally kill him..[2]

Zheng Fu Sheng Deceased

Zheng Fu Sheng killed by Shi Ling Ming.

When his boss arrives he takes him to where Bai Shi Men is being locked up. After hearing the screams of his fellow soldiers, he claims it's impossible when his boss suggests Bai Shi Men has strength left. Questioned by his boss what's in the container, he claims it's just Bai Shi Men. When a large creature steps out of the container, his boss asks what it is, to which Zheng Fu says it's a monster.[2] Zheng Fu Sheng along with the rest of the Special Unit Thunder Falcon is killed by the monster.[3]


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