Zhi Mei
Zhi Mei
Biographical Information
Chinese Name 枝梅
Rōmaji Name
Characteristics Information
Gender Female
Hair Color
Eye Color
Family Bai Shui Er (Daughter)
Guardian Spirit(s)
Spirit Level
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 30
Image Gallery

Zhi Mei[1] is the mother of Bai Shui Er.


Zhi Mei is a tall, slender woman with shoulder-length black hair.



When Bai Shi Men phones Zhi Mei telling her their daughter is missing her and asks won't she drop by for a while. She tells him she is currently working overseas, and can not return home any time she wants to. He tells her not to work herself out and look after her health, to which she agrees and hangs up the phone. When a man behind her asks if she is missing her family, she tells him it is nothing.[1]


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